Think about one of the more stressful buying experiences you will encounter in life. Purchasing your first home? Buying a car for the first time? Searching for new business intelligence software? You want to make these more enjoyable. Deploying some good ‘ole EI will go a long way in making this experience more enjoyable for your customers.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence, a word that gets thrown around ALOT! Especially in tech, 🤖OMG. Misused and misunderstood it now seems to cover a general scope but in the simplest form it means this, “Don’ be a d*ck.”

Okay, it’s more complex than that, but…

AgencyAnalytics best-kept secret, MAJESTIC.

One of the better-kept secrets of the small Canadian data visualization platform is around some of the SEO offerings it has. This article will explore how you can get free or even discounted MAJESTIC services from AgencyAnalytics. Then ill share a competitor tool, Raven.


First hop on over to AgencyAnalytics and register for a free 14-day trial.

Once you are in, select the integration for MAJESTIC,

ETL and Data Pipelines seem to be cropping up in every work conversation, have you noticed? As business moves more digital and companies build out their tech stacks these two concepts, ETL Pipeline and Data Pipelines, will become more critical.

Take for example a simple comment on an Instagram post, it’s picked up by your social media tool and perhaps thrown into an advertising segment. Around the same time, you might be reporting on this action and others in a weekly social media report or on a live dashboard. Perhaps sales or customer success is also triggered off a step…


You’re a leading digital marketing agency with a healthy portfolio of clients. Demonstrating the value you’re delivering on a regular basis through reports and dashboards has become increasingly time-consuming. You’re left with little time to focus on growing your business. How can you save time on reporting to your clients, while delivering superior quality reports that will help scale the business?

Solution: NinjaCat for Enterprise Business

  • Deliver quality reports
  • Automate data aggregation across multiple marketing platforms.
  • Template output by client type while maintaining a custom look and feel.
  • Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) at a glance.
  • Efficiently convey…

Any marketer worth his weight in gold knows how important client reporting is. We’re not just talking to your business and your clients, no, think larger than that. Client reporting, when used strategically, can be the edge your sales team needs. It can be the reason why your client list continues to grow, but your payroll is not. Client reporting is the reason why your client is out playing his second game of golf this week. So before you develop a client reporting solution take a look at what 5 other digital marketing agencies did.

Case Study #1: Client Reports That Speak To Every Level Of Management

Our first case study is…

In a not to distant past I found myself managing the marketing efforts for a medical marketing firm. It was a small firm, bootstrapped but still delivered quality products and customer service. Like most small businesses I wore many different hats. One big hat I grew accustomed to wearing was the client reporting hat.

We had about 30 full service clients, not a large overwhelming amount but still large enough to cause stress and headaches when it was time to create client reports each month.

I did them by hand, well by mouse. Some as a PDF, while others final…

Over the past several months the amazing team at NinjaCat have been developing the highly anticipated follow up release code named Shinobi. The Shinobi release of NinjaCat boasted many amazing new features such as campaign changes, more KPI tracking, Billing widgets. However, the main feature that companies such as Hanapin Marketing and AdTaxi have been awaiting is the new template builder. The new template builder is really the star of the show and is sure to be a game changer.

NinjaCat Template Builder

Build and brand your automated reports to you specific needs with the powerful new template builder by NinjaCat. Drag and…

NinjaCat at HeroConf 2017

Recently, Hanapin Marketing held the world’s largest PPC conference in LA, HeroConf 2017. NinjaCat had a booth, or better yet a dojo, at the event this year where they publically showed off the new version of NinjaCat, code named Shinobi.

NinjaCat, the Shinobi release, is a huge upgrade that was driven by our current clients. We listened to all the feedback we received over the years and we began building the perfect “All-In-One” reporting solution for marketing agencies and brands. We were proud to show off all our hard work at HeroConf this year. The feedback we got showed us…

Hanapin Marketing and NinjaCat — HeroConf 2017

HeroConf 2017, the world’s largest, all PPC conference is almost upon us. This year will mark the 6th annual US event where PPC fanatics gather and talk, PPC! There we can share our secrets and love for all things PPC. Hosted by PPC Hero and Hanapin Marketing this is the largest group of PPC knowledge in the U.S.

So how do you get a free ticket to be part of the madness? Simple, Hanapin Marketing and NinjaCat are hosting a webinar tomorrow, March 2nd. One lucky winner will receive a free ticket to HeroConf 2017. …

NinjaCat Voted “Top Rated Business Intelligence Software For Small Business.” by G2 Crowd

Take pride in what you do and others will notice. Also, built it and they will come.

Did you know that NinjaCat recently was voted “Top Rated Business Intelligence (BI) Software for Small Business” and was also ranked in the “Top 10 Business Intelligence Software for Mid Market” by G2 Crowd?

The software is an amazing piece that any and every digital marketing company should check out. In fact, sign up for the quick free demo NOW!

NinjaCat allows you to monitor track and report all the most important metrics to your client’s. Plus it automates it. Basically you just…

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